9 Tips to Get the Most Stubborn Cats to Eat

1. Stop free-feeding. Feeling guilty all day long while you're at work and your cat has nothing to eat. Don't be. Natural hunger can work in your favor. Placing free-feeding cat food the whole day while you are not at home will only ruin your cat's appetite.


2. Create a feeding schedule. If your cat has been eating free-eating, begin feeding 2 meals a day. Most cats are hungry after consuming food for 12 hours. They should eat the first thing you put down after a 12-hour fast, which should be a small portion of healthy cat food.


3. Play with your cat before meal times. Get the little bouncy ball or his favorite tassle-chasing toy. Exercise drives them hungry in a healthy way.


4. Cats are often social eaters and like to eat with you. "Feed me" equals "pet me. My heart takes huge leaps when cat first responds to the beauty of touching and rubbing- and then eats his food.


5. For hunger strikers, sprinkle a tiny amount of tuna or chicken on the  food. If they love this, begin to press the highly desired food into the canned cat food. If they are still maniacal about eating dry food, dip some pieces of dry food into tuna juice and see if they begin to get the idea.


6. Raw meat, baby food or deli meats are appealing to certain cats. These foods also get the cat away from the "crunch" sensation of the dry food. We, as humans, should understand this. The sensation of a crunching potato chip or the smell of a Frito is addictive for some of us.


7. Parmesan cheese sprinkle works for many cats. Yes, the stuff in the green can. Sprinkle on top of the food you want them to eat.


8. FortiFlora (a probiotic) is intensely attractive to some cats. Sprinkle just 1/4 or less of a package on top of a meal.


9. Moistening wet food is an option, but it can be a health hazard. Discard after 20 minutes. Dry food is very high in bacteria and mold. Wetting it promotes mycotoxins and aflatoxins. This is a recommendation with safety reservations. The same goes for mixing in canned with dry food. This should not be left out for longer than 20-30 minutes.

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