Cat Bed

  The only accommodation that a cat really needs is a good bed, which may be any comfortable chair, box or basket, but should not be one of the household’s beds or chairs. Fleas sometimes cling to even the best-kept cats and will lay their eggs in bedding or upholstery . A variety of manufactured cat beds is available, made of fibreglass, rigid plastic , canvas or basketwork. Beds should be raised off the ground , clear of draughts and dampness, and when a bed has no legs, the base must be slightly domed to leave some air space underneath. A washable cushion or blanket will keep the cat comfortable, and provided that it always has access to its bed, heating is unnecessary, except rarely in the case of elderly or sick cats, or for very young kittens in severe weather conditions.


Litter Tray

  Cats are the most fastidious of all animals, and from a very early age, they will scratch out a hole before they defecate and then cover over the traces with earth. This has a natural survival value in the wild, as it serves to hide the presences of the nest of young kitten , and in captivity makes the cat one of the cleanest pets to own.

  Cats can be easily house trained to urinate and defecate in a litter tray, which is filled with dry earth, sand,or a proprietary cat litter. The tray will need to be kept scrupulously clean, and in a secluded position where the cat will feel that it is private enough to use. Hooded litter trays are ideal for those cats that prefer their toilet arrangements to be private. The food lifts off for ease of cleaning, and the extra-deep base prevents the litter from being scratched out on to the floor. City cats, with no safe access to a garden, may need to use a tray for life, and many adults cats will need one at night.


Scrathing Post

  The cat uses it claws in climbing, in defence, and in attack, and it has to keep them in immaculate condition if they are to serve these purposes. They are normally held sheathed in order to protect them from being blunted in wear. Many cats will sharpen their claws on a tree trunk in the garden,whereas other will select a particular item of furniture or upholstery in the house and they may damage it severely with constant use.

  In an attempt to forestall such damage, some owners provide a scratching post for their cat. Any good-sized length of log with its bark on is suitable. Alternatively, a piece of sacking or heavy upholstery material nailed to a board makes a satisfactory decoy from armchairs.

  A wide range of manufactured scratching posts is available in most pet accessory stores. These include items such as a bark-covered post which is impregnated with catnip another, covered with textured cardboard and a carpet or rope-covered post on its own stand.


Cat door.

  It is important that pets cats should have access to the house at all times during the day and night. If they are unable to get into their own home and bed whenever they want, cats are likely to wander off for long periods, getting involved in fights with other cats, and are at great risk of being injured by a traffic, or even stolen. However, eventually these unwanted cats may decide to seek another home elsewhere with a more friendly family.

  A cat door can be fitted easily into an external door of your house and is extremely useful. It will provide your cat with an easy means of access to the house. Cat doors are manufactured in such a way that they are burglar-proof if fitted correctly. They measure about 15cm (6 in) square and should be fixed out of reach of security locks and bolts.

  Some cats doors can be opened by the cat by means of a radio - controlled device fitted to a safety collar. These cat doors are ideal(if your cat does not object to wearing the collar) for use in areas where stray cats may decide to check out your cat’s home for food.

Some models have two- way flaps, whereas with others the cat needs to lift the flap to return through the door. Many can be adjusted so that your cat can come into the house but not go out again.


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