How does cats communicates?

You could not say cat know nothing about communication if you are not understanding their language.Some cats like to sit still while staring at their owner, some like to rub up against his or her legs, some stand on hind legs and reach to owners with their front paws, and some others like to scratch the floors. All these gestures communicating somethings. Anyhow, meowing is the main way of communication of cat. The cats meowing to tell something. Some owner did said they could read the meaning from cats meowing whether it is pleasuring or unpleasant. For example, the cat meows  more urgent when there felt hungry. Many perceived cats are not warm hearted as dog, and you are wrong. According to a research conducted in U.S, cat could know their owner' emotion very well. When there "feel" the owners are in the depression, there might meowing or rubbing against the owner more aggressive than usual.

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