How to Calm An In Heat Cat?

Step 1: Recognize that your cat is in heat.

Ensure your cat is she's in heat and not sick. An unspayed  cat in heat will vocalize a lot, restless, rub against people and objects, and roll around on the floor. If you stroke her lower back, she'll respond by raising her pelvis and shifting her tail to one side.

Step 2: Isolate her from male cats

When she's in heat, your cat will grow even more excitable in the presence of males. Do not allow her outside at all, and close all windows and lock all doors, including pet flaps. To keep her away from all male cats. Isolation will also keep her safe- she may try to escape your home if she senses a male outside. 

Step 3: Give your cat something warm to sit on

Although success is not guaranteed, some people find that giving the cat a heat pack or a warm, wet towel to sit on keeps her still and calm. A microwavable heat pack may be the easiest option, since you can quickly reheat it once the cat starts acting up again. An electric heat pad/blanket is also a good choice.

Step 4: Use catnip only if it calms your cat down

Cats respond very differently to catnip. Some relax and quiet down when given catnip, but other become energetic and aggressive. If you don't know how your cat responds to catnip, avoid this method. It may make the situation even worse.

Step 5: Test whether herbal remedies are effective

There are many herbal remedies on the market intended to calm cats. Some cat owners report success, but there is no single remedy that works on every cat. Futhermore, your cat may not respond to any of these products. Buy a collection of small samples and try several different remedies. Once you've found a product that works on your cat, buy it in larger amount.

Step 6: Use Feliway in your home

Feliway is a synthetic cat pheromone that has a soothing, calming effects on cats. It takes a couple weeks of exposure to begin calming cats down, though, so it's not an immediate fix. If you know your cat is unspayed, you might consider plugging in the Feliway diffuser at the beginning of breeding season (spring). That way, whenever she goes into heat, the Feliway will already be build up in her system.

Step 7: Keep her litter box clean

Cats often scent mark with urine to attract males when they are in heat. By keeping her litter box clean at all the times, you might encourage her to use it instead of scent marking your home. If she scent marks anyway, clean and deodorize the area immediately. Leaving the smell of urine behind will only drive her to kee going it.

Step 8: Play with your cat

Playing with your cat can distract her temporarily, but she'll often go straight back to howling after you're done. Petting, scratching, or brushing her lower back can be more effective, if your cat already calm enough to let you do so.

Spaying and Other Long-Term Solution


Spray the cat. Spaying a cat removes her ovaries and prevent the heat cycle from occurring. It prevents her from getting pregnant, and reduces the risk of certain cancers and other diseases.


Consider waiting until after the heat is over before spaying. A vet can perform the spaying procedure at any point in your cat's hormonal cycle-even when she's in heat. However, there's a risk of Increased blood lost at that time. The procedure is possible, but consult an experienced for advice.


Use hormonal therapy as a last resort.The hormones prostaglandin and estrogen can be used to stop a cat's heat cycle. However, this treatment have serious side effects including uterine infection and tumors. Because of the risks, take this step only when spaying is not an option. Always consult in detail with a vet before using hormones, whether they are prescribed , or purchased from a pet store. Even if the cat can't be spayed for medical reasons, the risks may not be worth the calm behavior.

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