Keep Your Cat From Becoming Lost

Keep your cat safe by following tips below!



1. Check that your cat's collar fits securely and that her tag is easy to read with your current information, just incase.



2. Update your microchip information! If your cat doesn't already have a microchip, make an appoitment with your veterinarian or call your local shelter about microchip clinics. Hopefully you'll never need it, but you don't want your cat potentially lost without one.

3. Ask your guest to keep eye out for your cat during the festivies.

4. Prepare in advance. Make sure that you have current, clear photo of your cat ready for lost flyers, just in case.



5. Put your kitty with her food, water and a litter box in an enclosed area with a visible sign delcaring that the cat is inside and must not be allowed out.


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