Tips on Bathing Your Cat

Bathing your cat is probably one of the most challenging tasks you could ever encounter as a pet owner. Most cats are hydrophobic and hate water and bathing them is not that easy. So if you don't want the fuss of bathing your cat, better read these tips which will help you bathe her with ease.

Training your cat to bathe as early as possible would make the bathing session effortless in the long run. If you start bathing your cat while she's still a kitten, she will get used to it.

Bathe your cat on a regular basis, at least once a week. It's not only hygienic but also a fun way to bond with your cat. Bathing her at an early stage will prevent your cat from getting the fear of getting wet because she will be accustomed to the water.

One of the common mistakes that pet owners commit when cleaning their cats is that they tend to act anxious. Just relax. Being calm when bathing your feline friend will make the job more trouble-free and faster.

If you are calm enough and not frightened, and most especially, happy with what you're doing, your cat will experience less anxiety. Remember to loosen up and massage the shampoo gently into your cat's fur. Rinse it well too. Also make sure that the room is quiet throughout the bathing period. Running water from the faucet while you're bathing your pet might cause a struggle or distraction so better turn it off.

Another technique is that you bathe your cat as quickly as possible. Prepare the essential things such as shampoo and large towel beforehand. Always use products that won't irritate the eyes and fur of your cats.

Adding a non-toxic wetting agent to the water will also help a lot. It is also advised that you use diluted soap instead of ordinary feline soap for faster bathing.


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